Our Concept


The Tables designed are contemporary to fit within your home & as part of your furniture, but most importantly structured around the tortoises needs, and best of all very competitively priced - prices from as little as £39.00.



We have had several designs in the past but have found this particular design more comfortable and practical for the tortoise/s as we keep tortoises and have bred them for many years now and have the knowledge of their habits and requirements.


There are many different designs out there on the market with towers, slides, ramps etc but have found these are ideal for hatchlings only.

   The tortoises out grow these designs very quickly after you have purchased them and then can not get around, and require ample space to roam around and get excercise at the same time - costing you in the long run by replacing the table which is more adequate for the size of your tortoise/s. 

Sample Table With Some Accessories

Above is the side view of the table showing the entrance to the hide and the lamp holder for uvb & basking, we have included only some of the accessories in the table as an example to show some of the things the tortoises like and require to keep them active when indoors. 

Finished Table

Above is the finished tortoise table ideal for tortoise hatchlings to full adult size tortoises, other sizes are available and we can make tables to your requirements. Please contact us for further info 

You the tortoise owners/lovers can then adapt these by inserting various accessories to make them as homely as possible and at the same time being creative giving them a natural environment. 

Give Your 

Tortoise A Home 

And Not Just A House.


 A Tortoise

Is For Life Not Just For XMAS  


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